Elden Ring: A User Manages To Complete The Game In Less Than An Hour


Elden Ring: The first speedrunners are already doing their thing in From Software’s new adventure. We show you how they have managed to overcome it in less than 60 minutes. Elden Ring continues to be the hot video game, and like other From Software titles, speedrunners have risen to the challenge of completing it as quickly as possible. 59 minutes and 38 seconds, that is the mark that user LilAggy has been able to achieve. Along the way he has shown to have a great knowledge of the title, but also to be very skilled. Because he has not only been able to take advantage of the occasional glitch that allows him to skip various sections of the story; he has also been forced to beat final bosses with hardly any level up and with his character’s basic equipment. You can see his full game below.

Elden Ring, the jewel in the crown of From Software

Since it hit stores, Elden Ring has garnered endless positive reviews. The title, which currently has an average of 96 on Metacritic, received a rating of 10 out of 10 in this house. In our analysis we had it clear: β€œIt is a work that does not collapse in the face of impossible expectations and amazes us with new horizons and discoveries for dozens and dozens of hours. An extraordinary milestone that will likely cast as long a shadow over other open world games as Dark Souls has already done over action RPGs over the past decade.” You can read the full text at the following link.