El Corte Inglés Does Not Give Away 500 Euro Cards, Phishing Scam By WhatsApp And SMS


Using WhatsApp or the classic SMS as methods to expand a giveaway or promotion is something that many businesses, department stores and marketing campaigns use. But that message that you just received about 500 euros to spend in El Corte Inglés no. That message is pure phishing, so be careful.

The fake El Corte Ingles voucher

You receive an SMS or a WhatsApp message with a link to the web ‘es.novedadesparati.com’, a site that is part of a promotion of El Corte Inglés in which the chain of stores raffles 500 euro vouchers. On the page they ask you to fill in a series of fields with your personal data:

Name and surname
Postal Code

Suddenly, while you fill them in, more fields appear: Now they want your full address, and they demand that you accept “the communication of my data to third parties for advertising purposes in the terms set out in the Information on Data Protection”. When you finish, it will be Suppose you enter the raffle. But the reality is that there is no raffle and there is nothing. The only thing there is is a crude way to keep your data for free, to get money from it.

The same Corte Inglés has had to point out in its Twitter account that “our promotions are always carried out from the official website Elcorteinglés.es”, so it is clear that any other promotional site that appears in a WhatsApp or SMS message is fake.


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