Either exempt payroll or create digital payments tax


“We will have two choices: we will either talk about digital transaction taxes or we will not relieve the payroll.” These were the options presented by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, during the Telebrasil 2020 Panel, when he defended the proposal of the new tax linked to the Tax Reform, currently being processed in the National Congress.

“We are talking about exemption from payroll, something that is better for the telecom, commerce and service sectors, than for the industry itself. We will send the proposal for exemption from the payroll to the Joint Commission soon ”, he explained during the live.

According to the Minister of Economy, “we are analyzing the rates of the Value Added Tax (VAT). We want to seek lower single rates. We also consider taxes in digital transactions. We want to relieve the base, which has up to seven taxes. We will not send a tax increase proposal. We want to simplify, reduce taxes and relieve the payroll. ”

For Guedes, the model designed for the new tax would have a less cumulative effect than the current format, reducing company spending and supposedly increasing the number of jobs. On the other hand, the measure would directly impact the population’s pocket, which would have to bear the costs through the tax on digital transactions.

Less IR for companies

“We want to stimulate job creation and innovation. Now, if the owner took the money from the company for himself, we will charge. This story of millionaire living on income is over, ”he said, referring to the proposal to reduce the income tax on legal entities.


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