Einstein Letter With Equation E = mc² Is Auctioned For $ 6.4 Million


Einstein: A letter written in German by Albert Einstein, dated October 26, 1946, addressed to the physicist Ludwik Silberstein and in which the figure registered his famous equation E = mc², was sold last Thursday (20) for $ 1, 2 million (almost R $ 6.4 million, in direct conversion), a value three times higher than initially expected, according to the auction house RR Auction.

According to archivists of the Einstein Papers project, a partnership between the California Institute of Technology and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in addition to this, there are only three manuscript copies of Albert with the information, and the fourth, in question, belonged to a private collection and went public recently, having only one page.

Bobby Livingston, vice president of the institution responsible for the transaction, explains the relevance of the document: “It is an important letter both from a holographic and physical point of view”, referring to the proposal that demonstrated the equivalence of mass and energy and also that time is not absolute.

Who gives more?

Silberstein was a famous critic of Einstein’s theories and received the answer he needed “without any scholarship”, indicates one of the excerpts from the “treasure”, present on a letterhead from Princeton University, formerly part of the Ludwik archives and sold by their descendants to a buyer identified only by the letters RR, still anonymous.

Aggressive bids between five interested parties raised the value of the document to US $ 700 thousand (about R $ 3.7 million), at which point it became a “duel” between two parties. The whole process took a week – from May 13 to 20 – and the winner was announced on Friday (21).


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