Eiichiro Oda Confirms That One Piece May End in the Next Few Years


The One Piece series began production in 1997 and is still gaining momentum. The manga was created by Eiichiro Oda, a genius. Ode’s ingenuity has allowed the series to flourish for more than two decades, and every year the number of fans continues to grow. There is no doubt that One Piece would not have existed for so long if Oda had not been so experienced. He created a very vast world filled with charming characters who managed to intrigue fans.

One Piece recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, which was another important milestone for Eiichiro Oda’s manga. The official Twitter account of the series also showed the cover of the 103rd volume, and a new trailer for One Piece Film: Red was released. In another announcement, it was confirmed that the manga will be included in the final saga, which means that fans will soon get answers to their questions. Suffice to say, this is probably the best time for One Piece fans.

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Coming to an end

Despite the fact that One Piece, which entered the final saga, has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. In a recent interview, Eichiro Oda confirmed that he wants to close One Piece within the next three years. With the completion of the Vano Country Arch, the series would be approximately 80% complete. In many cases, Oda indicated that he never imagined that his manga would consist of more than a thousand chapters. Time and time again, he had to add new characters, which eventually extended the story, but no one can complain about it, as it led to the creation of some of the most incredible characters in the series.

There’s no need to start panicking, as the Ode doesn’t have the best records when it comes to specifying the time frame of a particular arch. However, his estimates are not as inaccurate as many fans tend to think. It seems unlikely that the Ode will complete the story within the next three years, instead the goal of five to six years seems more realistic. Although it will be sad to see the end of One Piece, readers should be happy that Oda will finally be able to pay more attention to his health and do whatever he wants. He has been wearing a Shonen Jump on his back for a long time, and it’s time to get a well-deserved rest.

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Another thing that Oda confirmed is how the series will end. Contrary to popular belief, the series will not end after the big war, but will end as soon as Luffy finds One Piece, which means that a huge war will happen before the treasure is discovered. This makes it clear that all the secrets will be revealed before the series reaches its climax, and there will be no unfinished ends that readers would have to worry about.

The Last Saga

The latest One Piece saga will put an end to the epic journey of Monky D. Luffy and the rest of his team. With the replacement of the two old ones, the world is already heading towards chaos. Before Kaido was defeated by Luffy, the latter managed to awaken his devil fruit due to a failed assassination attempt made by one of the CP0 members. The awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit led to several revelations, including about his devil fruit.

From the very beginning, readers had the impression that there was nothing special about Luffy’s devil fruit, but it became known that it was actually a mythical devil fruit of the zoan type. The real name of the devil fruit is Hito Hito no Mi, model: Nika. When Luffy awakened the devil fruit, Zunesha told Momonosuke that Joy Boy had returned. This is consistent with what Oda said in his notes about devilish fruits like zoan.

Oda reported that if a user of a devil fruit like zoan uses awakening for too long, he will be consumed by the devil fruit. He cited the example of the jailers from Impel Down, who awakened their devilish fruits and eventually lost the ability to return to their human forms. With this confirmation, it becomes clear that Luffy cannot abuse the awakening of his devil fruit, even though he is extremely powerful, as he will lose his identity.

So, Luffy can’t rely on waking up all the time, so he needs to further improve his Hacks. In addition to Luffy achieving his goal, the other main characters will play their roles. Popular characters such as Shanks, Mihok, Boa Hancock and so on will finally have the opportunity to demonstrate their strength, and the secrets surrounding them will also be revealed. In addition, the battle between the World Government and the Revolutionary Army will definitely add quality to the final saga. Now events are developing at a rapid pace, and soon the biggest secrets will be revealed to fans. One thing is for sure: One Piece will go down in history as one of the greatest works of art of all time.


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