Egg hunt guide in Fall Guys, Don’t be a chicken


Don’t be a chicken and help your team to accumulate as many eggs in your basket and steal them from the opposing teams to go to the round

In this Fall Guys guide you can see how each of the tests is composed, we also explain how to overcome them without greater difficulty such as Final Balance, La Pirindola and Hexagonía. Remember that, even if it is a game similar to the Grand Prix or Yellow Humor style, it is also important to play both alone and in company if we want to win crowns and accolades to unlock different cosmetics such as skins, costumes, gestures, etc. plus experience, called fame, to unlock the Battle Pass rewards.

  • Game mode: teams. Get a higher score than the rest.
  • Position in the round that can be started per game: 3.

The map forms a triangle with a basket on each edge for each of the teams that make up the game, 3 in total, a pair of rotating hammers at the beginning of each basket and an arch to prevent the eggs from falling to the center. There are a total of 46 eggs, 43 that give 1 point and 3 that give 5 points. Teams have 2 minutes to score as many points as possible and finish in the top two.

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