eFootball 2022, We Have Already Seen It: This Is The Successor Of Pro Evolution Soccer


eFootball 2022: We are spectators of the first game of eFootball 2022. This is the proposal that happens to the mythical Pro Evolution Soccer. September 30 arrives. Konami faces in just a few days the new generation of its most popular football saga. Let’s stop talking about Pro Evolution Soccer: it’s time to give a name and surname to the cycle that will begin on September 30. It will do it in a different format than the one known to all. We went to free to play, to the cross-game platform of a multitude of systems around a single game. Even modular, we would say, because of the adaptable format. Do you want more than a quick match? Checkout whatever you want.

In MeriStation we have already seen a complete official game. It is difficult to capture the sensations of the game without feeling it at the controls. We will know the final verdict later. However, it is time to review what the Japanese team’s vision is in the face of tough competition from FIFA 22.

“A renewed gameplay”

With those words the presentation to which we were invited began. The message, as has been repeated in recent weeks, stands out from the path built in recent decades. eFootball 2022 aims for the player to perceive quality football, to feel “control of the touches on the ball”, as the managers themselves emphasize.


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