Efficient Work at Home Tips from LinkedIn CEO


Jeff Weiner, CEO of the professional business network platform LinkedIn, made very important recommendations for people who work from home because of COVID-19. Stating that it has become much more important to use time efficiently, the successful business man suggests doing things that are good for mental and physical health in the given breaks.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has forgotten the world we all know and led to shelving many of our habits, has also changed the working system of many companies, big and small. Now, most companies have switched to the home office, that is, from home, within the scope of the precautionary measures.

There are disadvantages as well as the advantages of working from home. For example; It can be particularly difficult for employees with children to concentrate on their work. Moreover, your responsibilities at home can come into play when you take a break. This, in turn, can waste your time to free yourself and relax, albeit a bit.

Especially with children, it can be much more difficult to work from home
Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, a professional business network platform under the umbrella of Microsoft, made a mind-opening sharing that emphasized this point. Weiner says that the free time between video calls is “absorbed” by looking after children or other family members at home and doing chores.

Saying to people working from home, “Be sure to take a real break”, LinkedIn CEO continues, “Everything you like to breathe regularly, to exercise or to do a bit helps to relax your mind. It will benefit not only you, but also other people who trust you. ”

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This sharing from Weiner’s personal LinkedIn profile received more than 31 thousand reactions and nearly a thousand comments in less than 24 hours. Part of this is made up of people who have had similar problems while working at home.

Indeed, conversations over Zoom and other video platforms can be more tiring than expected. For this reason, doing things that will do well for your mental and physical health, as you give yourself, will not only make you feel better, but also increase your work efficiency.

In the meantime, let’s share with you the information that Weiner, who has been sitting on LinkedIn’s CEO for 11 years, will leave his position on June 1. LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft for $ 26 billion in 2016 after the IPO led by Weiner. Ryan Roslansky, senior vice president of the company’s current product, will be seated in the chair, from the successful entrepreneur to the vacant seat.

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