Eerie Article About Coronavirus: Can Proceed Up To 8 Meters And Stay In The Air


Lydia Bourouiba, who continues her work at MIT, has written a new article on coronavirus. In his article, the scientist criticized those who said that the virus spread up to 1.5 meters, and that the coronavirus can progress up to 8 meters and stay in the air.

Some scientists are working on how to stop the spread of this virus, while others are working on the treatment of COVID-19 disease caused by this virus. Now, some form of publication of the coronavirus’s propagation capacity has been rejected by MIT.

Lydia Bourouiba, one of the MIT associate professors, who published a new article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, said that “The virus is transmitted from the air and can stick to a person 1.5 meters away.” He criticized his statements. Stating that the 1.5 meter estimate was put forward according to the techniques used in the 1930s, Bouroubia added that the reality may be very different.

In his article, Bourouiba said that the coronavirus guides that have been created so far have been simplified, adding that this can reduce the impact of the intervention, which is also alarming. Stating that he has been working on epidemics, sneezing and cough dynamics for the most part of his career, Bourouiba added that the coronavirus can progress up to 8 meters.

The scientist is not satisfied with saying that the coronavirus can spread up to 8 meters. Bourouiba states that particles and droplets that appear due to coughs and sneezes can stay in the air for hours. Bourouiba, which supports this thesis with an example, reminds that in the researches conducted in China, virus particles were detected even in the ventilation system of the hospital rooms where the patients with coronavirus remained.

The first reaction to the article written by Bourouiba came from the White House. Anthony Fauci, who is among the coronavirus team formed by Donald Trump, states that Bourouiba’s article is misleading. Fauci says that modeling of Bourouiba is impractical, saying that a very strong sneeze or cough is required for the coronavirus to go up to 8 meters.


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