Edward Snowden’s NFT sells for more than $ 5.5 million


Edward Snowden, who rocked the world in 2013 by exposing a surveillance scheme by the United States National Security Agency (NSA), is now in the NFT market.

A former CIA digital security technician and a permanent resident of Russia since 2020, Snowden has put up an art called “Stay Free” for auction.

Made entirely from free software, it is a montage that forms the face of the boy with the help of pages of a lawsuit in the United States. In the text, the court confirms that the surveillance program that Snowden denounced in fact violated the country’s own laws.

Altogether, “Stay Free” was auctioned for 2,224 ETH (Ethereum) – a value that currently amounts to US $ 4.8 million, but recently reached a price of US $ 5.4 million. The dispute was fierce, but PleasrDAO, the decentralized and autonomous organization (DAO) formed by the digital artist known as pplpleasr, was the one who ended the unique art.

All proceeds will go to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a nonprofit organization that Snowden currently chairs alongside other digital activism figures.


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