Edward Scissorhands: Classic Movie House Turns Museum


Edward Scissorhands is one of the most famous films of the 1990s. Directed by Tim Burton, the feature film was a huge success and won many fans, who still carry a lot of affection for the production. Because of this, the house where the character lived was turned into a museum in the United States.

The house in question is that of the Boggs family, the one in which Edward (Johnny Depp) moves in with Kim (Winona Ryder), Peg (Dianne West) and Jim (Anthony Michael Hall). The residence is in the state of Florida and was used for both exterior and interior shots of the film.

Edward’s Scissorhands Museum

The house was acquired in 2020 by a couple of movie fans. They paid around R$ 1.2 million for the property, which was renovated and turned into a feature film museum.

The environment is externally decorated, with a well-kept garden full of bushes cut in various shapes and styles, making a sincere tribute to Johnny Depp’s character. The colors of the exterior walls of the house seek to maintain the Tim Burton-style vibe.

The interior of the property has some collection items from the superfan couple. Among the objects is a sign that neighbors needed to be able to enter the street during the filming periods of the film. The artifact was a gift from one of the residents of the region to the museum of the Klops couple.

In addition, the new residents of the residence decided to keep the kitchen furniture, which is the same used in the film.


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