Edouard Philippe answers a reply from Omar Sy!


On Twitter, the former Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, wanted to respond to a reply from Omar Sy launched on the set of Lupine

This is quite simply the event, in terms of series, of 2021. Indeed, Lupine is a hit on Netflix and not only in France. The whole world validates the adventures of Assane Diop, the modern-day gentleman thief played by Omar Sy. Only downside, the thief in question would not like Le Havre …

Because yes, during an episode, Omar Sy, or rather Assane, expresses his disenchantment with this city located in the North of France. This is simple fiction but it annoys the inhabitants of Le Havre who, by the way, live in a very beautiful port city.

Lupin’s interpreter himself knows that. But he wanted to clarify it on Twitter a few hours ago. Especially since the designer Emmanuel Chaunu added a layer as Télé-Loisirs notes. The latter, making a new drawing of Omar Sy criticizing the city and adding the following caption:

“To find this week in @havreinfos:” Le Havre is not terrible “: this line from the #Lupine series that (a little) upsets the people of Le Havre”.

Following this new “tackle”, Lupin’s interpreter could not remain unmoved. No, he didn’t steal anything to make amends. On the other hand, he expressed his love for this city so much criticized in the series.


“Assane Diop may be teasing Les Havrais but I love Le Havre”. Omar Sy replied to Chaunu. Not to start a clash but simply to remind Le Havre that this is fiction. Well, the actor doesn’t think for a second what he says on the show.

But if “Lupine” has, in the end, expressed his love for Le Havre, it pleased one person in particular. This is Edouard Philippe, our former Prime Minister and mayor of the city making so much debate. Indeed, seeing Omar Sy’s kind words for his city, he couldn’t help but invite him.

As Télé-Loisirs relayed, he told the actor: “And you will always be welcomed dear @OmarSy #LH”.

A very nice invitation for “Lupine”. It remains to be seen whether he will accept it or decline it. Perhaps he has better things to do than go to Le Havre. Well if so, we hope he doesn’t let it be known. So as not to launch a new debate …


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