Editor accusing Irene of the attack made a statement


Irene apologized through various means for the accusation of Kang Kook Hwa and the editor shared her current position.

Red Velvet’s Irene met with the photography editor and stylist who accused her of misbehaving while working together, but this encounter gave Kang Kook Hwa another reason to post her thoughts on social media, let’s tell you what she said in his new statements.

After a well-known figure from the Korean show business revealed that she was the victim of bad behavior and hurtful words from a K-Pop star, fans suspected it was a Red Velvet member. Irene took to her Instagram account to apologize for the events and admit that the post was about her.

In addition to regretting her behavior, Irene met with stylist Kang Kook Hwa to offer her a personal apology, what happened in this meeting?


The photo editor posted a new message stating that, in order to regain her dignity, she wanted to receive an apology directly from the idol in question, which had occurred shortly after it was posted on the internet.

Kang Kook Hwa said that she did not want to create a major misunderstanding with her post as she preferred to avoid speculation, she revealed that she had only worked with Red Velvet for one filming, but was not on the SM Entertainment staff.

Because when she worked with Irene she was accompanied by other members of her staff, they also attended the meeting with the idol where she apologized, but the stylist pointed out that there was never any talk of an economic negotiation, clarifying some of the rumors that arose .

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According to Kang Kook Hwa, now that Irene has vowed not to behave like that again in the future and has apologized to her and her team, the editor noted that she will put the issue aside.

Meanwhile, the debate on social media continues, as in the same way that some people have defended Kang Kook Hwa’s position, other workers in the K-Pop industry have left good comments about Irene and her way of being. .

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