Edge tricks: how to remove the copy and paste function


Many users already know the benefits of Microsoft Edge. The Redmond company has done a great job developing a Chromium-based browser, and they are still able to give it more capabilities to make it work even better. By this we do not mean improvements in its performance, but also new capabilities such as the new way of copying and pasting URLs. However, if you have not adapted to it, we will tell you how you can deactivate it.

How to remove copy paste URLs from Edge

The classic copy and paste command is the first thing you learn in computer science. It is the most basic and with learning a simple shortcut that combines a total of three keys you have already done it. As if that were not enough, it is a universal shortcut that is present in any application that allows it from an office app to an image editing app, to give two examples.

It is also present in browsers and Microsoft Edge is no exception. However, those from Redmond have enabled a new way to copy and paste URLs that is somewhat simpler but not all users know how to take advantage of it. This is most logical since the new way to treat an address in the browser is to put a title as a hyperlink. To understand us: the AS web has an address with its http: //www.as.com, but Edge changes everything to hyperlinked AS.

The bad thing is that you only copy and paste the text, but there is a way to disable this function in the browser. This happens by entering the part of the browser Settings, selecting the option to Cut, copy and paste and it will automatically tell you how the application behaves when you do this action. What we want is to avoid what we told you before, that the text is copied, so you have to click on the Plain Text option instead of the link.

Afterwards, everything will return to normality that the browser should never have left, or at least that is what more than one will think to see that the copy and paste function has been completely disabled.


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