Eden McCoy reveals the actor who made her laugh on set


Eden McCoy is one of the most prominent young faces in the General Hospital series, she plays Josslyn Jacks, the daughter of Jasper “Jax” Jacks and Carly Corinthos.

The young actress entered the world of acting right after attending drama camp when she was just a child. A fun fact is that she was incredibly shy, which is why her parents enrolled her in drama camp to combat her shyness.

“According to my parents I was a very shy girl,” she explained in a 2017 interview with Soap Opera Digest. “My school was very interested in speaking it in public, I never wanted to act or do anything like that, so my parents they enrolled me in a theater camp. We put on a play at the end of the camp and the agencies at the time were looking for child talent. ”

McCoy was approached by an agent who wanted to help her land professional roles, however her parents initially doubted the idea. So answering she said:

“I really liked the camp and I want to continue acting, so my parents said: ‘Well, if you play sports and get good grades, I don’t see why not.’ So we signed with an agency and I started doing auditions. ”

McCoy subsequently landed minor roles in commercials as well as shows for tweens and teens. To later make her mark on daytime television when she got the opportunity to appear on the series Hospital General.

Eden McCoy joined the cast of General Hospital in 2015 at the age of 12, when she landed the role of Josslyn. The actress says she believes she may have gotten the role because of something she said during her audition process with executive producer Frank Valentini.

“We talked for a bit after the audition,” McCoy said on a recent episode of the Dishing With Digest podcast. “She asked me a lot of questions. She asked me what my favorite TV show was and I said 30 Rock because that was for the moment, although it is still one of my favorite TV shows today. ”

McCoy explained:

“I said 30 Rock and I’m 12 years old, and I’m probably thinking, ‘What the hell is this person doing? Like, who is this? But she loved my answer and I still think that’s why I got the part. I think that that detail made me stand out from the rest because I was a very strange girl ”.

McCoy has been performing at General Hospital for five years so it seems she has been able to develop good relationships with some of her co-stars.

Speaking to Dishing With Digest, McCoy revealed that actor Chad Duell, who plays his on-screen half-brother as Michael Corinthos, has been the one who made her laugh the most on set.

“It’s so ridiculous,” he said. “I grew up with him. He probably makes me laugh more than anyone else … We just freak out, make fun and laugh together.


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