Eddie’s return to the fifth season of the TV series “Very strange things” will spoil its ending


Warning: contains spoilers for season 4 of the TV series “Very strange things”.

After Eddie’s death in the Season 4 finale, many people came up with ways to bring him back in season 5 of “Very Strange Things”, but any return of him would ruin his ending. Given the mark Eddie left on viewers in season 4, it makes sense that people would like him to somehow return to the series. However, nothing like this can happen, since it will only negatively affect both Eddie’s character and the series as a whole.

Despite the fact that Eddie died at the end of season 4 of “Very Strange Things”, there were several theories about how he would be able to return to the series in season 5. One of the ideas suggested by Eddie Munson’s actor, Joseph Quinn, was that Eddie would stay dead. but throughout the show, he appeared as a figment of Dustin’s imagination. Another idea suggests that Eddie will return as Vecna’s vampire minion, which is confirmed by Vecna’s lore in Dungeons & Dragons, where there is a vampire lieutenant named Cas Bloody.

Of course, there are ways to justify Eddie’s return to the fifth season of “Very Strange Things”, but this will ruin his ending anyway. Eddie’s whole arc was about how he learned not to be a coward and prove that he wasn’t the monster that people made him, and he achieved both with his actions in the finale. Everything that Eddie needed to do from “Very Strange Things” had already been done, so bringing him back just for him to come back would be nothing more than a pure fanservice, and would destroy both his character and the series as a whole.

Eddie’s “Stay Dead” is better suited to Dustin’s character

If Eddie stays dead, it will also allow for better character development of Dustin in the fifth season. Eddie’s death is the first time someone who had a close relationship with Dustin has died in Very Strange Cases, so he is sure to undergo a huge growth as he develops. his grief and tries to pass him by. Of course, Eddie’s return won’t automatically cancel out any of Dustin’s growth, but it will work to reduce it, so Dustin’s character would be better off if Eddie somehow didn’t come back.

Even if there are ways to bring Eddie back in season 5 of “Very Strange Things,” it would be better if he just stayed dead at this point. Not only will Eddie’s return undermine his character arc, it will also make it difficult for Dustin to make any meaningful character development after Eddie’s death. Eddie’s death was an important moment in season 4 of Very Strange Cases, and it would be better if the series didn’t undermine it just because he became a popular character.

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