Eddie Murphy is back with “A Prince in New York 2”!


To the delight of his millions of fans, Eddie Murphy is making his comeback on Amazon Prime with “A Prince in New York 2”!

As you may have noticed, Eddie Murphy hasn’t appeared in movies for a few years now. But the very famous American actor lands on Amazon Prime with the following of a Prince in New York!

What could be better, in this period to say the least, than to relax under the duvet with a good movie, or a good series?

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, streaming platforms have experienced an unprecedented boom. It must be said that there are not many other ways to be entertained.

Among the most popular, we therefore find Amazon Prime. The latter offers beautiful nuggets, such as Upload, This Is Us, or The Boys.

And she’s about to welcome a new one! You will have probably guessed it, so this is the highly anticipated film, A Prince in New York 2. Yes, you did.

The release of this new feature film directed by Graig Brewer and produced by Paramount marks the return of a huge actor on the American scene.

No, you’re not dreaming, Eddie Murphy reappears onscreen in this new production. He will then play once again his Highness Akeem Joffer. High class !

Amazon Prime: Eddie Murphy is back with “A Prince in New York 2”!


Not long ago, Eddie Murphy therefore made some confidences about his return to the big screen. And his millions of fans rejoice!

It must be said that the very famous 59-year-old American actor marked the history of cinema. And so he seems to be greatly missed on the American scene.

The public knows him in particular for his roles in A cop in Beverly Hills, A chair for two, or, The Professor nutty. Only classics!

Today, he appears more engaged than ever. He says he is proud that A Prince in New York was “the first film in cinema history – with an all-black cast – to achieve worldwide success.”

“I can tell you that there was not a single black actor – middle age or younger – in this city or any city, who did not want to be part of this film” he adds. there then. And the rest is coming to Amazon Prime!

According to Eddie Murphy, A Prince in New York 2, like all the movies he’s been in, “has nothing to do with” Black Lives Matter. He then explains that “this is a movie just about family, love, fairness and tradition.”

So, visit Amazon Prime very soon to discover this new little nugget.