Eddie Murphy he quit because of the Golden Raspberry.


Eddie Murphy revealed that winning the Golden Raspberry was one of the biggest reasons responsible for years away from the big screen. In an interview with the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, released by The Independent, the star reflected on the quality of his work in the late 1990s and early decades of the 2000s, and decided that this was the moment to temporarily pause his career.

The actor was nominated 9 times for the Oscar parody award, and came out as a “winner” in 3 situations: for his work in Norbit, a Weight Comedy, Pluto Nash and The Great Dave. “I was making sh * t movies. It was not cool. I received [the Golden Raspberry statuettes as ‘the worst actor of all time’. Maybe it was time to take a break, ”he said.

His speech is related to the 2010 ceremony, in which he received the special award for Worst Actor of the Decade. Since that “recognition” and with the end of productions already underway – like Robber in the Heights and The Thousand Words -, Murphy was away for many years, until a shy return in 2016 in the independent drama Mr. Church.

“I was going to take a break for just a year, then, suddenly, six years passed, and I find myself sitting on the couch, a situation in which I could even remain, but I didn’t want the last thing I did to be crap. So, the plan was to make My Name is Dolemite, to present Saturday Night Live [both in 2019] and A Prince in New York 2 [2021], and see how [the critic’s] reaction would be. At least they will know that I am still funny, ”he revealed.

Due to the award history and due to his great performance in Meu Nome é Dolemite, in 2019 the event organizers awarded him a statuette to correct past nominations. Entitled “Redenção do Framboesa”, the category recognizes the return of “respected artists, after a commercial or critical failure”.

In view of this success – which earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical – and for A Prince in New York 2 – recently launched on Amazon Prime Video and watched by many users, according to the streaming service -, Murphy’s career gained focus again.

After the failures that led him to retire for a brief period, his return promises to yield new attractions. In addition, he should continue the phase of revisiting old roles that enshrined his career, as for example in the already announced Heavyweight Cop 4, but still without a premiere date.


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