Ed Sheeran Talks About His Controversial Cameo On “Game Of Thrones”


Sheeran did not expect to receive such a big rejection after his appearance in the seventh season of the series

The cultural impact of “Game of Thrones”, regardless of its controversial outcome, is highly undeniable. Not only because of the visibility it gave to the work of George R.R. Martin, but for the creation of symbols that to this day remain fresh in collective thought, making it difficult to imagine how contemporary television would have developed without their existence.

Throughout the series, artists like The National, Coldplay, Of Monsters And Men or Sigur Ros lent their talents through their soundtrack or some interpretations that appeared in the end credits of their episodes, but no collaboration was as controversial as the one that houses the first episode of the seventhseason.

The episode titled “Dragonstone” featured Arya, played by Maisie Williams, on her way across the Riverlands to “King’s Landing”, encountering a group of soldiers belonging to the Lannister Army. Between them, a soldier sings a tragic love ballad called “Hand’s of Gold,” which in the books is revealed to have been written to narrate the love affair between Tyrion and Shae.

The soldier was played by none other than pop star Ed Sheeran, as part of a scene in which, despite being surrounded by members of the enemy army, Arya realizes that these men are good-hearted people who only follow orders. to return to their families soon.

The participation of Sheeran as a standard bearer of the Lannisters, antagonists of the series, was not received in a pleasant way by his fans, despite the narrative intention of the scene, which generated a great wave of negative comments through networks social, a theme that has surfaced again today.

During a talk with Absolute Radio, Sheeran shared his impressions of his participation in “Game of Thrones”: “I feel like I upset a lot of people for being there, but at some point I met someone who asked me ‘oh, you made a cameo in that series ‘and I say’ What would you have said? ‘

Ed Sheeran points out, being a big fan of the series, that anyone would have accepted. “I did not expect there to be so much rejection, but I am definitely more careful when they offer me cameos now,” said the singer, who even deleted his Twitter account shortly after appearing on the series.

While some of Sheeran’s fans criticized the idea of his character being part of the Lannister army, actor Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor, said he did not enjoy the cameo in the series because he thought the inclusion was silly. of pop stars, as it broke away from the fantasy built into the show. Ed Sheeran recently released “Equals,” his highly anticipated fourth studio album.