Ed Sheeran Has Announced a New Disney+ Documentary Series “The Sum of It All”


Ed Sheeran and Disney+ have announced a new documentary series about the singer called “Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All.”

In the four-part series, which will be fully released on the platform on May 3, the star will open the doors to “a definitive and extremely honest look at his personal life as he explores the universal themes that inspire his music.”

A documentary focusing on Sheeran’s recent struggles, as well as his rise to fame and the creation of some of his biggest hits, will be released two days before the release of his new album “-” (“Subtraction”).

Watch the trailer below:

According to the description, the series “follows Ed after he learns the news that changed his life, and reveals his difficulties and triumphs during the most difficult period of his life.

“Combining an exclusive, never-before-published personal archive, modern reality, authentic interviews with his wife and loved ones and intimate performances in cinematic places, the series expands the lens to find out what Sheeran thinks about the world, about himself and his music, and also demonstrates ten hits that subscribers around the world enjoy”.

The trailer tells about some of the difficulties the singer has faced recently, including the loss of former champion Jamal Edwards, as well as the fact that his wife Cherry Seaborn was diagnosed with a tumor during pregnancy.

Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All

Sheeran said about the series: “I’ve always been very careful about my personal and personal life; the only documentary I’ve ever made was about songwriting.

“Disney offered me to make a four-part documentary, and it seemed to me that it was time to open the door and let people in. I hope people like it.”

Fulwell 73 production partners Ben Turner and Ben Winston added: “Everyone in the world knows and loves Ed Sheeran’s songs, because he was the soundtrack to many moments of our lives.

“But this series of films shows the true man behind the hits, showing Ed in a completely different way after a tumultuous year in personal and professional terms. It was an honor for us to shoot this four-part series.”

The singer has previously spoken about how recent struggles have shaped “-“, which also features author and producer Aaron Dessner from The National.

“I was overcome with fear, depression and anxiety,” Sheeran said. “It seemed to me that I was drowning, my head was below the surface, I was looking up, but I couldn’t break through to breathe air.”

Ahead of the release of the album and the documentary, Sheeran will embark on a UK and European tour later this month.


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