Ed Boon May Be Dropping Clues From a Marvel Fighting Game


Ed Boon, best known as co-creator of the Mortal Kombat franchise, is usually very active on Twitter and never posts without much reason, often revealing clues to his new games in this way. Even so, his followers always try to understand if there is a greater meaning in some of the messages he posts daily on the social network, something that was repeated recently when he made a comment about Marvel films.

At first glance, the tweet simply talks about the fact that filmmaker James Gunn has already directed films based on the DC and Marvel stories, which Boon considers something impressive. The context for thinking that there is something more in this post, is that there are rumors that NetherRealm Studios (studio that Ed leads) would be working on a Marvel fighting game for the PS5, Xbox Series S / X and PC.

The rumor itself has been around for some time, but since it was never confirmed, it ended up dormant until Ed started to let go of these possible clues. Considering that he’s put DC characters in Mortal Kombat series games before, making a Marvel game would put him in a position similar to James Gunn’s having worked with the two biggest comic book universes.

There is also the possibility that we will only see a Marvel character appearing in Mortal Kombat 11, which would also be very interesting, although very unlikely after the release of the Ultimate version of the title. Anyway, a specific fighting game with only the heroes and villains of the brand would not be bad!

We just hope that if it is a new game, it will be for the better than Marvel’s Avengers from Square Enix. Comment below what you would prefer to see from NetherRealm Studios!


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