Economist Warns: Did the Decline Process Begin in Bitcoin?


Economist Henrik Zeberg thinks that the price of Bitcoin may drop by half or even more in the next few weeks.

Bitcoin has been in the range of 8 thousand 800-9 thousand dollars for a while. Nobody knows where Bitcoin is going to be next stop in a creek. Some analysts say that Bitcoin will go above $ 9,000 and move back towards $ 10,000. Some analysts say that Bitcoin will not “go up to $ 10,000 for a long time”.

Scary Prediction
Bitcoin forecast by Henrik Zeberg is much more ambitious. Because, in his opinion, Bitcoin will not only be able to go up to $ 10,000, but will also go below $ 2,000.

Zeberg had voiced his views on Bitcoin a few weeks ago. Zeberg, who shared on Twitter, gave the target of $ 1760 in July for Bitcoin.

Zeberg repeated this prediction in a post he made the other day. Following the fluctuations in the bitcoin price, Zeberg stated that the decline process he mentioned might have started.

Will Ascend
Henrik Zeberg says the price of Bitcoin will drop from $ 8,500 to $ 1760. It can be said that this is a very ‘ambitious’ guess. But this prediction of Zeberg should not be interpreted as an apocalyptic scenario.

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He thinks that Zeberg thinks that Bitcoin will drop to $ 1760, but that doesn’t mean that the price will not go up afterwards. According to Zeberg, we will see that the price is running towards a new record after Bitcoin drops to $ 1760. At this point, he points to over $ 30,000 for Bitcoin.


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