Economist: Bitcoin Is A Good Option For Central Banks


Economist Jeffrey Tucker said Bitcoin could be a good choice for central banks. According to the economist, if central banks make such a move, the Bitcoin price could rise.

American economist and writer Jeffrey Tucker attended the RT Boom Bust program. Stating that the Bitcoin price has risen very well for the last six months, the economist touched on the BTC bull rallies. According to him, the current rally is different from 2017, and the rally is way longer.

Bitcoin could rise, thanks to central banks

Economist Tucker says central banks can hold almost anything as an asset. Making this comment especially for the Fed, Tucker pointed out some negativities and implied that central banks do not have much leverage.

Stating that the monetary policies implemented recently have been discredited, Tucker said that Bitcoin would be a good choice for central banks.

“If central banks do something like this, the price could go up. There are many different things that can raise Bitcoin to over $ 100,000 before the middle of the year. ”

Bitcoin probably won’t lose its value

The economist says that Bitcoin is a great tool for central banks to use. “Because unlike counterfeit national currencies, BTC will likely not lose value.” He stressed the limited supply of BTC, adding that no new Bitcoin will be issued.

Saying that today’s monetary policies are becoming disreputable compared to the past, Tucker said, “Bitcoin will therefore be a good choice for central banks.” made his comment.

Bitcoin against inflation

While the confidence in the economy has been shaken due to the economic negativities in the USA, inflation discussions are also on the agenda. Regarding rising inflation expectations, Tucker said:

“If these analyzes turn out to be correct, people will want to secure themselves against inflation. The best tool for this will be Bitcoin, because while the dollar is printed unlimitedly, BTC is not. ”

Additionally, Tucker said he heard a rumor that people could buy more Bitcoins with the new economic stimulus package, according to a source he spoke to recently.


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