Economic Disaster Forecast in Crypto Coins


Andreas Antonopoulos, a popular Bitcoin writer and evangelist, questions the idea that an economic disaster could one day trigger a sudden boom in the Bitcoin and crypto markets. Antonopoulos told Laura Shin in her Unchained Podcast that when the global economy suffers a major setback, BTC will fall in line with other assets.

The popular name used the following expressions:

“The catastrophic joy you see in some Bitcoin circles is:” I hope the economy will collapse because then Bitcoin will take flight and my pocket will fill up “. This catastrophic romance is both creepy and unreasonable because in the short term the opposite happens. In the short term, Bitcoin is seeing as much and possibly harder selling as other assets because it has extreme volatility. There is no mechanism to prevent it from falling so quickly. ”

Antonopoulos talks about an unprecedented injection of global liquidity into the global economy in the last 10 years. Regardless of the current degree of incentive encouraged by the Federal Reserve, more and more assets have been associated with it, he says. The famous name states that this situation creates strange phenomena such as “the good news is in the bad news because it is thought to cause less stimulation and the perception that there is bad news in the good news will lead to more stimulation.”

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