Echo Show 10: Rotating screen Alexa goes on sale


From this Wednesday (17), the Amazon Echo Show 10 starts to be sold in Brazil for R $ 1,899 in black. The big difference of the device is a rotating base that moves the screen towards the user when he interacts with Alexa.

The display in question is a 10-inch HD that has an integrated 13 MP wide-angle camera. The camera has a smart cover and still manages to zoom in and out so that the user is always in the center of the screen during a video call, even when on the move.

In addition to making calls, you can use the screen to view recipes, watch content on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, for example. The camera also allows you to use the device as an internal security camera, accessing images of the house via Alexa’s app.

Audio is also featured, with two forward-facing tweeters and a woofer for quality sound.