Echo Set Photos Show Vincent D’Onofrio’s New Look in Law


While most of the MCU is now focused on otherworldly affairs, the upcoming series “Echo” and “Daredevil: Born Again” have their own impressive villain, as Vincent D’Onofrio was spotted on the streets of Atlanta in a new but rather familiar Kingpin. clothes.

The last image of Kingpin that Marvel fans saw appeared in the finale of Hawkeye, where D’Onofrio made his long-awaited return to the role, only now wearing a different, albeit still accurate, comic book image taken straight from Wilson Fisk’s floral outfit from The Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business. Although D’Onofrio has stated that his portrayal of Kingpin has not changed since his days on Netflix, the hat and cane style was not every fan’s cup of tea, and many demanded the return of a more sober Kingpin.

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It looks like these requests will be promptly reviewed by Echo based on the leaked images. In the photos, D’Onofrio is wearing a white three-piece suit and a black shirt, which are often used in his appearances in Marvel comics. While in one of the Kingpin scenes in “Hawkeye” the character uses his signature colors, in the Disney Plus series they decided to transfer the character’s vest, which often complemented his costumes and disguises in “Daredevil”.

The most striking thing is that Kingpin is not disabled in any form. It was an element of the story that many believe is a key part of the “Echo” series to adapt the character’s blindness after Maya Lopez shot him in the finale of “Hawkeye.” Wilson Fisk could appear in Echo either in the form of flashbacks showing what role he played in Maya’s upbringing, or after he was shot and survived when he was almost killed by his adopted niece.

At the moment, the Hulk Woman will be the first piece of MCU content showing how Marvel Studios introduces Daredevil characters into their own storylines, as it remains to be seen how much of the Netflix canon would get into the Multiverse saga or if Matt Murdoch and Fisk got dusty during the Jump. In any case, it looks like Disney is fully committed to “Daredevil: Born Again,” giving the series the longest running series of any show produced by Marvel Studios, with 18 episodes set to be released in 2024.

Since Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is now limited to staying in the shadows, another defining aspect of “Daredevil” may be how Marvel Studios adapts the harsh and bloody nature of the Netflix series in the future.

Echo will be released on Disney Plus in mid-2023.


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