eBay Launches Trading Card & Collectible Purchases


An alternative way to shop on eBay has emerged after many steps aimed at card collectors, especially those who collect collectible card games such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh. As with any collectible, how limited and rare these cards are can determine their appeal and value. However, the risk of encountering a fake or misleading list is always present. To combat this, eBay has introduced a program to verify the authenticity of sales of these trading cards, ensuring that the delivered card is the real card being sold in the listing. However, buying cards online without seeing them firsthand is fraught with risk, and eBay is trying to reduce this risk with online purchases.

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Online shopping on eBay combines a live broadcast and an auction using famous names in the space of collectible cards. It is perfect for an industry that usually completes sales using auction-style formats. Collectors and professional authentication companies set prices for items, but the market is determined by demand more than any other factor. If a group of people are interested in a card, its prices skyrocket, which is why auctions work so well. Live broadcast in parallel with the auction makes the process more exciting and attractive for buyers.

Live purchases are the basis of collecting

The live experience involves Bleecker Trading, a sales leader on the platform specializing in collectible cards. It also hosts live performances by collectible card enthusiast DJ Skee. During live broadcasts of purchases, users can view extremely rare trading cards and other collectibles in an immersive format. For example, in a traditional listing on eBay, there may be several photos from different angles, but it is difficult to understand the state of the card only from the images. Thanks to the live experience, the seller can interact with the audience and provide unique card features in accordance with the requests of potential buyers. As a result, buyers have more trust and probably more profit for sellers with this format.

Online purchases will be available both in the eBay app and on the company’s website, and the first event is scheduled for June 22 at 15:00. eastern. This is the perfect combination of live card collection broadcasts and auctions, which are popular both on the Internet and at nationwide map exhibitions. There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to the discovery and sale of postcards on the Internet, which collect millions of views, so there is definitely a market for this type of auction. But with the eBay option, almost anyone can bet on the card with confidence thanks to the money-back guarantee. Collectors should try during one of the first live broadcasts to see if the purchase format is the best alternative to asynchronous online purchases.