EBay Imposes A Ban: Sale Of Adult Material Forbidden Since June


eBay Vs sex. The popular buying and selling platform and the first great ‘marketplace’ on the Internet has undoubtedly declared war on sex. Or at least to all the ‘merchandising’, products, items, and material in general for adults that does not comply with their new policies.

Banning of sexual material on eBay

Last week, in a notice sent to sellers in its ‘Adults Only’ section, the auction website announced that as of June 15, 2021, that section will be closed and items that meet its definition of material of sexual content will be prohibited in the site.

“We have revised our policy on adult items,” the notice says. “As of June 15, 2021, items that display sexual activity, sexual content, or sexually suggestive poses will no longer be allowed on eBay.com.”

The statement goes on to say that all articles remaining in the Adults Only section on June 15 will begin to be removed from that date, although certain limited material may be re-listed in a different section if it meets certain guidelines.

Among the items that are strictly prohibited on the site under the new policy are: “articles containing sexually explicit material”, “articles with sexual content, including the display of provocative sexual poses, genitalia or sexual activity” and “anime, comics, sexually explicit books, movies, animation, manga, hentai, yaoi. ”


In its revised guidelines on which items the site will allow sellers to re-list in its Books or Music sections, the eBay statement notes that “You may re-list items that do not have sexual content, profanity or other adult material. ”

Interestingly, in a broader breakdown of the revised policy guidelines, it is noted that the following specific publications may be offered for sale in the site’s magazine section “as long as the ad does not contain nude images or explicit content: Playboy, Playgirl, Mayfair and Penthouse. In addition, ‘nude art’ may be included in the Art and Collectibles sections as long as it does not contain sexually suggestive poses. “


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