Easy to withdraw money without touching the ATM


During the current pandemic, we have taken extreme precautions to avoid infection. This is to avoid contact with surfaces that may be highly saturated with bacteria and viruses. ATMs are one of the everyday objects that we touch with our fingers and can cause an infection. Several studies have shown that ATMs are good places for bacteria.

Many of us play his keyboard all day, but not in vain. Additionally, many of these ATMs are located in closed places where there is almost no air flow and viruses can accumulate. Therefore, the shorter our time in these places, the better. One thing that makes things easier is not having to touch the ATM keypad.

Withdraw money with your mobile avoiding touching the ATM

Banks are gradually adapting to this pandemic like the whole of society and, through their increasingly digital payment methods, they allow us to quickly pay for goods purchased from our mobile phones. In some banks, it is already possible to withdraw funds without touching the ATM. All we have to do is bring the phone closer to the “contactless” reader to remove it. Once the reader detects our phone, the money will automatically leave the ATM.

No need to press any keys. When removing money from the tray, you only need to touch the money. Enter the amount from the bank app and you will have one hour to withdraw funds from the nearest ATM or your favorite ATM. In this way, we do not have to touch the keyboard, because especially the most modern mobiles with NFC can communicate with the reader a few centimeters away. Not all banks offer this feature, but you can ask your office or bank advisor if you can withdraw money this way through the bank’s app.


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