Easter Sunday Video Interview with Joe Coy, Jimmy O. Young and others


The cast of Easter Sunday, including Joe Coy, Jimmy O. Yang, Tia Carrere, Lydia Gaston and director Jay Chandrasekhar, joined CinemaBlend to discuss the upcoming family comedy. Watch them discuss how Steven Spielberg helped make the film, Filipino food and heritage, how Easter Sunday will open doors to other communities and much more!

Video chapters:

0:00 Introduction

0:24 Joe Coy shares his reaction to Steven Spielberg’s interest in his story

0:50 Jay Chandrasekhar tells why he wanted to collaborate with Joe Coy

1:46 Jimmy O. Young explains how he became the executive producer of Easter Sunday.

2:24 Tia Carrere and Lydia Gaston express their joy about Joe Coy and the film.

3:05 Joe Coy reflects on the challenges of growing up mixed race

3:57 Tia Carrere talks about the role of a Filipina for the first time after 40 years of working in cinema.

4:32 Jimmy O. Yang talks about the power of food to unite people and tries pancit palabok for the first time!

5:35 Actors on what they have learned from strong Filipino women in their lives

7:50 The cast of Easter Sunday reflect on why representation is important and how hard we have worked to achieve what we have now.

10:04 Joe Coy shares a message of support to Filipinos at home and abroad


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