Easter egg “X-Men” from “Miss Marvel” revealed in concept art


A new concept art from the first episode of “Miss Marvel” shows a carved Easter egg referring to the popular X-Men character, Cyclops. The series was the first to officially mention the presence of mutants on Earth-616 of the Marvel cinematic universe after Patrick Stewart appeared as Charles Xavier from Earth-838 in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. By revealing that there was a “mutation” in Kamala Khan’s genes while the “X-Men 97” theme was playing in the background, Marvel Studios opened up the possibilities of gradually introducing mutants into the MCU before they inevitably form their team in a potential conflict. The X-Men movie.

The inclusion of mutants in the MCU has been waiting for a long time. Since they misled viewers into having Evan Peters reprise his role from the Fox X-Men universe as Mercury in WandaVision, only for him to play a random guy named “Ralph Boehner,” viewers wondered when mutants would make their screen debut. It looks like they will be gradually introduced into the upcoming stages of the MCU, but the brand new concept art from the first episode of “Miss Marvel” shows a rather interesting reference to one of the most popular characters of “X-Men”.

One of the show’s concept artists, Shay Sharz, shared concept art from the AvengerCon episode of the first episode on ArtStation. In one of the pictures, a cosplayer in a Cyclops costume takes a selfie behind a statue of a Giant Man with another cosplayer. This moment was eventually cut from the series, but it would be the first time an X-Men character is directly mentioned in the 616-MCU. Take a look at the concept art below:

Given the fact that there were hints of mutants in games like Vandavision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s not surprising that Marvel thought about creating an Easter egg that directly refers to a mutant before they debuted on screen in the Multiverse of Madness. MCU. It’s also not surprising that Marvel thought about inserting at least one X-Men character into AvengerCon, since this sequence was filled with Easter eggs and references from previous MCU games. And since Ms. Marvel changed Kamala Khan’s origin from non-human to mutant, this Easter egg could be a hidden reference to the biggest reveal of the series finale.

Mutants will officially debut at Marvel Studios with the movie “X-Men 97”, although the series is not intended to be associated with the Marvel cinematic universe. However, an Easter egg for Cyclops, without the character being introduced to the MCU, probably means that viewers will see mutants in the mainstream Marvel cinematic universe sooner rather than later. And the fact that Kamala Khan turned out to be a mutant in “Miss Marvel” also adds speculation to their appearance in the franchise. But where they will be presented in the next stages of the MCU is still unknown.


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