EA’s Unhappy Disclosure: No Demo for FIFA 21


Sharing a new statement on Twitter, EA stated that the demo will not be released for FIFA 21, which gamers are eagerly waiting for. EA explained the reason for not releasing the demo version as ‘focusing the developers on new and existing consoles’.

Electronic Arts, or EA for short, one of the world’s largest gaming companies, is currently working on the next generation football game FIFA 21. Bad news came from EA while gamers were waiting for the demo version to be released to find out early on how FIFA 21 will deliver an in-game experience.

EA, which made a new statement from EA Sports FIFA Twitter account last night, announced that there will be no demo version for FIFA 21. EA said the reason for this move, “We decided instead to focus our developer team’s time on providing the best full gaming experience on current and next-generation consoles.” explained with the statements.

EA Play subscribers will have 10 hours of access to FIFA 21 starting October 1

Electronic Arts reminded that EA Play subscribers will have 10 hours early access to the game as of October 1, and that the game will be available worldwide as of October 9. Finally, FIFA fans must wait until October 9 to experience FIFA 21, which is said to be nearly identical to FIFA 20 by game critics.

Considering that there is less than 20 days before the full version of FIFA 21 meets the players, and it is close to 2 months for the release of the new generation consoles; What a realistic excuse that EA has justified the reason for not releasing a demo version for FIFA 21 as next-generation consoles, which is at the discretion of our valued readers.

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