EA’s Alleged Reaction to Remaster Hot Pursuit Instead of NFS Underground


When it was claimed that Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed ​​series will release the popular game Hot Pursuit as a remaster, the players reacted. Many actors argued that the legendary Underground series should have been remastered before.

The legend of racing games, Need for Speed, has come before us in many different ways. The game is an illegal racer on the street from time to time; it allowed us to be a track racer from time to time, but although the game series is generally liked, some of the productions in the series were much more popular than other productions.

Two examples included in these productions were Need for Speed ​​Underground and Underground 2 productions. These two games came up with a different discussion today. According to Venture Beat’s claim, Electronic Arts will release Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, another popular production of its series, as a remastered for Nintendo Switch. So is there any news from the legendary Underground series? Unfortunately not.

Players reacted:

The Need for Speed ​​Underground series has always had a special place in the hearts of players, but the fact that Electronic Arts will re-offer the Hot Pursuit as a remastered before this series has caused some players confusion. Of course, at this point, we are not saying that Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit is a bad game.

According to the news of Venture Beat, EA is working on 7 different games for Nintendo Switch. One of these games is the NFS Hot Pursuit we just mentioned. Hot Pursuit was a game that was good enough to turn every player who played this game back into acting in 2010 and even get them to buy a Nintendo Switch.

The Need for Speed ​​Underground series is seen by gamers as a much more important production. These games came with great graphics according to their time and offered great music to the players during the game. Thus, the experience of his game was far beyond his time.

At this point, many actors have criticized Electronic Arts’ understanding of ‘nostalgia’ because the NFS Underground series was almost twice as old as the Hot Pursuit. The gamers once again reminded the video made by the fans and proving this aspect of the Underground series while stating that the game is a playable game even today.


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