The Earth’s Magnetic Field and the Eerie Sound of the Sun’s Wind


The Earth’s Magnetic Field and the Eerie Sound of the Sun’s Wind.

The European Space Agency has shared the beech of a sound that has formed in the magnetic field of our planet as a result of its years of work. This sound, created by the Earth’s magnetic field and the influence of the Sun’s winds, seems quite frightening.

According to new data, the solar winds spread to the solar system cause the Earth’s magnetic field to produce electromagnetic waves. Researchers who wanted to convert these electromagnetic waves into an audible sound, published the sound recording of the results. The sound-transformed form of the waves recorded by the European Space Agency (ESA) resembles the sound effects in the films.

In the photo below, which is obtained by visualizing the magnetic field of the Earth in the computer environment, our planet shows the arc shocks of the magnetic field while the small field on the left shows the small field around it. The wave pattern on the right is the leading shock zone.

How do these waves occur?

Researchers say that electromagnetic waves generally travel at a constant frequency in the Earth’s magnetosphere, but when the particles from the Sun hit the Earth’s magnetic shell, the waves that occur when the Earth forms a wave with different frequencies. When the sun does not reach the Earth, these waves become less severe. When a solar wind hits the Earth, the frequency of the wave almost doubles. The frequency of the waves obtained depends on the force of the magnetic field hit by the winds.

This grisly sound recording was released by a group of researchers studying ESA’s Earth’s magnetic field and how the field was affected by Sun particles. Lucile Turc has created this record with the data it has collected for 20 years with the team it has formed.

Here is the eerie sound recording of the solar wind:

In addition to collecting the data that make up the sound recording, the research also revealed that the waves generated in the Earth’s magnetic field are far more complex than previously thought. Observations; It shows that in the ‘silent’ periods of the Sun, the single and dominant wave frequency that penetrates the magnetic field does not only double, but also that when a Sun wind exceeds the leading shock zone, it can be divided into several different frequencies. Turc, “the study, the sun shows that the winds deeply affect the leading shock zone,” he said.

Leading shock changes can affect climate-related magnetic activity on Earth’s surface. Researchers are still trying to understand what happens when a solar wind hits the leading shock zone, but they know that the generated magnetic waves cannot return to space. This is because the process takes only 10 minutes.

“Before the waves reach our atmosphere, the ESA encounters another barrier that is the magnetic field of space, which slows down the solar wind particles before colliding with the Earth’s magnetic field,” ESA said. Behind the spring shock, the Earth’s magnetic field begins to resonate at the frequency of the waves, which allows the magnetic distortion to transmit to the earth. ”

There are many records of radio, telephone and satellite outages from the Sun. Researchers hoping to better understand solar activities continue to explore these activities to protect the Earth’s communications infrastructure.

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