Earth attacks AirPods with effective noise canceling


Bose hasn’t released truly wireless headphones since the SoundSport Free in 2017, but it looks like the company is about to make up for lost time. Last year, Bose said it was preparing two sets of new noise-canceling headphones and a new video suggests that the launch of at least one of them could be imminent.

Bose has apparently reconsidered its branding options and is returning to its “QuietComfort” series: the Noise Suppressing Headphones will now be called the “Bose QuietComfort”.

This is according to a marketing video that was quickly discovered by the Harvey Norman website, as reported by CNET. The clip has since been removed, but not before it was uploaded to YouTube again.

New Bose QuietComfort Features

The QuietComfort headphones will offer “the most effective noise cancellation in the world” backed by clear audio with deep bass, thanks to “cutting edge acoustic innovations.” This is the kind of language Bose always uses for new products, but there is no company more tied to noise cancellation technology than Bose. The QuietComfort headphones will feature the company’s StayHear Max tips (with an integrated stability arch) and have been confirmed to be sweat and water resistant.

The video confirms its six hours of battery life and that the QuietComfort headphones will be able to make clear calls due to its custom designed microphone. Bose made great strides in voice quality, so we’ll see what they’re capable of with these new headphones.

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