Earn Free Doge Coin With Dogex.pro


Dogex.pro is a cloud mining system that makes it possible to earn free Doge Coin even without any Pc or mobile phone. It is a very basic system for earning without any deposit or money.

First of all, we want to mention that the system does not require any kind of information from you. You should write your Doge Coin adress to this area and that’s all! You can copy your Doge Coin adress from the platform that you use for crypto. (Binance,…Ex, etc.)

After you login into the mining system with your Doge Coin adress, you will see that page. The system is so basic and we will mention some points.

What Are These Windows’ Means?

Mining : You can see your mining power (GH/S) and your earnings from this window. You will start with 100 GH/S.

Deposit: You can deposit any kind of coin to the system for increase your mining power. If you deposit 1 Doge Coin to your system, it will increase your mining power by 10 GH/S.

Withdraw: You will see 2 options on this page. First, you can use your Doge Coins to Re-Invest for increase your mining power. Second, you can transfer all your Doge Coins to your wallet from the system. (minimum value is 50 Doge Coins)

Referrals: You can share your referral link with people and if they login the system and deposit, you earn %10 percent of their deposit. (10 Doge Coin when they deposit 100 Doge Coin to the system)

History: You can see all your withdraws, re-invests, deposits from this page.

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You can register to system with your Doge Coin adress with that link.