Each stage of MultiVersus and where they come from


The MultiVersus crossover fighting game from Warner Bros., which features characters from films such as Game of Thrones and Looney Tunes, has entered the open beta stage. As a new take on the Super Smash Bros. formula He allows players to fight in iconic landscapes and show soundtracks from which his characters are taken. Although the list is currently quite small, especially considering that the first actual season of the game has been postponed indefinitely, despite the fact that its beta version remains open, it is likely to continue to grow in the future. At the moment, players still have quite a lot of variety and many opportunities to learn how to master specific fighters and stages, if they so wish.

The list of MultiVersus characters was leaked at the end of 2021, just a couple of weeks before the release of the first official trailer of the game. The players were then presented with a more complete list of fighters, including the likes of Bugs Bunny and Batman. The game quickly attracted attention online due to its unique composition and the support of developers for a competitive and professional game. MultiVersus may be preparing to become a serious competitor to Super Smash Bros., more so than the similar Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl title, which was also released very recently.

At the time of the open beta version of MultiVersus, more than a dozen fighters are available, many of which are free, but some of them can be unlocked for in-game currency. It also looks like MultiVersus will add Founders Pack to introduce even more playable characters. Of what is now included, only a small part has themed scenes around them. In fact, instead, a couple of the current Multiverse stages are completely original. Here are all the stages where you can play in the open beta version of MultiVersus and according to which Warner Bros. media players. they can recognize them.

Sky Arena is the only stage for the Multiverse Steven Universe

The Sky Arena scene is taken from “Stephen’s Universe”, a popular animated series that has been broadcast on Cartoon Network since 2013. The game already has a couple of characters of the “Steven Universe” — Garnet and Stephen himself, so it’s not surprising that the Multiverse will also have a stage built around him. In fact, given its popularity, it’s quite possible that more gems from Steven Universe will join MultiVersus in the future. The Colosseum-inspired map has quite a few motifs and elements from the show, from the diamond symbol to statues in the shape of precious stones. The background music at this stage is taken directly from the Steven Universe theme music.

On the “Tree-Fort” stage in Multiverse, the iconic “Adventure Time” areas are presented

As the name suggests, the Tree Fort scene in Multiverse is built around the easily recognizable tree house of Finn and Jake from the animated series Adventure Time. Like Stephen’s map of the universe, it includes music from the show itself. Finn and Jake are also playable fighters, which means that the Tree Fort is the perfect playground for Adventure Time fans to experience them. It is likely that in the future MultiVersus will add more maps based on “Adventure Time”, especially considering the unique design of the world presented in the show. After all, MultiVersus is not the first game inspired by Adventure Time and its stylistic direction.

MultiVersus Training Arena and E.D.G.E. Original Maps

The first stage that MultiVersus players are likely to encounter is the training area, although it’s not really a real stage at all. As the name suggests, this is just an area where those who have just started the game or have unlocked new characters can test their abilities and learn how to play them. Thus, the card cannot be used in real combat. There are also almost no visual effects, which allows players to focus solely on the mechanics of the gameplay. It’s just an ordinary room with a grid on the wall and floor.

The real original map of the game is presented in the form of E.D.G.E. from Trophy, which is not dedicated to just one of the many characters and franchises in Multiverse, but contains elements of almost all of them. Its centerpiece is a statue of Wonder Woman, and ACME branded boxes are scattered throughout the landscape. Players with keen eyesight can also spot sights from Game of Thrones and the Superman universe. It’s a fitting tribute to MultiVersus as an ambitious crossover that should satisfy fans of virtually any Warner Bros. property.

Cromulons Stage is a tribute to Rick and Morty at MultiVersus

Rick and Morty, the two main characters of the Adult Swim cartoon, are both due to be added to Multiverse, with Rick appearing in early August and Morty coming out with the launch of the first season. Unfortunately, both the first season of MultiVersus and Morty were postponed to an undetermined date shortly after the launch of open beta testing.


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