Each screenshot from The Last of Us Part 1 is shown


The release of the first part of The Last of Us, Part 1, is one of the most poorly guarded secrets in games. By September 2, PS5 owners will have access to the classic post-apocalyptic thriller in its latest incarnation.

Despite the fact that September is approaching, Naughty Dog still keeps his cards to himself. To date, only one official cinematic trailer for The Last of Us Part 1 has hit the Internet. Despite the fact that the studio’s game went out after its debut at Summer Game Fest, fans were able to take a lot of screenshots from the game.

Updated image of Ellie

In addition to the game’s announcing trailer, which recreates some marketing videos promoting the original PS3 game, Naughty Dog has published several screenshots. Unsurprisingly, Ellie Ashley Johnson is the star of most of these photos. The first, in which the young protagonist holds a hunting rifle with a longitudinally sliding shutter, demonstrates especially well the graphic improvements of the iconic game clips.

Horse riding

In most post-apocalyptic narratives, when society has collapsed, people are looking for different modes of transport. For many potential survivors, horses are ultimately the most reliable alternative to gasoline and electric vehicles. Therefore, it is not surprising that The Last of Us leaned towards this idea, as evidenced by one screenshot for the upcoming PS5 remake. What catches the eye the most in this picture is the lighting improvements that Naughty Dog has clearly made to the game.

Crossing Boston

When The Last of Us, Part 1 is released on PS5, Naughty Dog’s revolutionary adventure will be released on the PlayStation console for the third time. Despite the fact that fans have completely disassembled the game on PS3 and PS4, one of the screenshots of the upcoming game demonstrates its ability to surprise. The scene in which Ellie, Joel and Tess cross two skyscrapers looks as impressively graphic as some of the brand new games released for Sony’s latest console.

Capturing Ellie’s face

Despite the fact that motion capture technology has become one of the standards of the AAA gaming industry, Naughty Dog was one of the first studios to actively use it. It is for this reason that the early Uncharted games and the original The Last of Us still look good. From the updated model of Ellie’s face in the upcoming remake, it becomes clear that the studio is not standing still from a technical point of view. Naughty Dog managed to take the footage shot for the PS3 version and update them to make the characters look more like their real actors.

Ellie and Joel together

One of Naughty Dog’s stated goals when it came to The Last of Us Part 1 was to create a modernized experience unifying the series. Although it is not yet known how the updated game will play, from a visual point of view, at least part 1 looks at the level of The Last of Us 2 2020.

Car sharing

Due to the fact that most of the promotional materials are screenshots, most of the observations that can be made about the game will focus around its visual authenticity. Photos like the one where Ellie and Joel are sitting in the car together prove that there is something to analyze in this department. This screenshot not only demonstrates how photorealistic the game looks, but also demonstrates the depth of field improvements that Naughty Dog has made to the gameplay.

Ellie the Huntress

Despite the fact that Eloy has become the personification of the main characters of the PlayStation with a bow, Ellie also knows how to shoot an arrow. What is perhaps more impressive in this particular screenshot for The Last of Us Part 1 is the attention to detail. Besides the fact that the image looks like a clear improvement of the generation compared to the remaster of the game for PS4, the image perfectly demonstrates how realistic snow will behave in the remake when it falls on Ellie’s clothes.

Ellie and Riley

During the advertising campaign The Last of Us Part 1 Naughty Dog stressed that the remake for PS5 is the final version of her story. Unsurprisingly, the excellent “Left Behind” DLC will be included in the game. While it remains to be seen if the expansion will be incorporated directly into the single-player narrative, players can look forward to experiencing Ellie and Riley’s relationship again.

Environment of Part 1

In addition to the skill of storytelling, Naughty Dog has earned a reputation for creating a very detailed environment. Some of the studio’s work in Uncharted 4 is still considered the most plausible and lived-in locations in games.