Each candidate for the role of the villain of the movie “Thunderbolts” MCU


Marvel’s villains and antiheroes will team up in the Thunderbolts movie, but even those villains will need a villain to fight him—and there are plenty of interesting candidates. Rumors that Marvel Studios were eyeing “Thunderbolts” for adaptation finally came true when the film was directed by Jake Schreier. Details about how the 4th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will include the team have not yet been revealed, although the seeds for “Thunderbolts” have been laid for years.

The team known as the Thunderbolts has appeared in comics in many forms over the years, from real villains masquerading as heroes to a government-sponsored team of reformed criminals. The Thunderbolts setup in Phase 4 left the MCU with plenty of opportunities to bring together old and recent villains. The official line-up has not yet been announced, but such characters as Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), US Agent (Wyatt Russell), Elena Belova (Florence Pugh), Abomination (Tim Roth), Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) And the Overseer (Olga Kurylenko) has strong capabilities.

No matter which villains and anti-heroes of the KVM have teamed up in the film, Marvel still needs to find the villain from the movie “Thunderbolts”. After seeing Loki, Ultron and Thanos play the main antagonist roles in the Avengers films, Marvel Studios set the bar high for villains in their collaborative films. But since many of Marvel’s remaining major villains may be “heroes” Thunderbolts, this means that the main opponent must stand against them. This could mean turning some Marvel heroes into “villains” or including some even more serious villains. Here are the best candidates for the role of the villain Thunderer.

The Punisher

In the movie “Thunderbolts”, one could use a very down-to-earth approach and see how the team tracks down other antiheroes, such as the Punisher. Frank Castle’s version of John Bernthal has not appeared in a proper MCU project (yet), but viewers, Bernthal and others are interested in seeing more of the Punisher. He is even often considered a candidate for the team Thunderbolts. However, it’s much more interesting if Frank becomes the villain instead. There are many reasons why Thunderbolts can chase the Punisher in the MCU. If the team is funded by the government, they may not like the idea of a super-tough “hero”, such as a Punisher, who roams free and takes justice into his own hands. Then it may take a group of experienced criminals who are not afraid to get their hands dirty to grab him. If the Thunderer’s story goes in a different direction, the Punisher may also turn out to be a former team leader who is deserting. With so many opportunities, it would be quite fun to see the Punisher in the form of a villain and fight with the whole team of Thunderbolts.


The MCU may also be the perfect place to introduce Sentry now that Thunderbolts is in development. Robert Reynolds is one of the most powerful Marvel characters ever, and he could play the villain in several different ways. Perhaps in the movie “Thunderbolts”, Countess Valentina will order the villains to try to contain the incident in the laboratory, where they tried to reproduce the super soldier serum, only for Reynolds to stumble upon it. In the comics, Sentry killed a lot of people after he got his powers and didn’t know how to control them. The Sentry can be seen as a villain, as the Thunderbolts are tasked with containing the destruction he causes. However, it will take a very strong team of Thunderbolts to try to defeat the Sentinel, and the film will have to balance his character so that he can still remain a hero moving forward.

One of the advantages of using the Sentry as a villain from the movie “Thunderbolts” may be his alternate personality, Emptiness (not to be confused with the Emptiness of Loki). The dark incarnation of the Sentry is capable of destroying the whole world and showing its enemies their darkest fears. Marvel Studios could have gone down this path and made Voida the villain of the film, only for the Thunderbolts to find out that Robert Reynolds is the key to defeating the dark self. This would definitely increase the villain’s strength Thunderbolts, which would really test the abilities of Marvel’s antiheroes, who have so far proved to be a little more mundane in nature.


Marvel Studios can also make Wolverine a villain from the movie “Thunderbolts” to discover a favorite mutant hero. Similar to the previously proposed idea for Sentry, Wolverine could be the Thunderbolts’ secret target for the mission. This time it could be a breach in the Weapon X lab that creates Wolverine, and the government will assemble the MCU villains to try to keep Wolverine from being released.