EA will continue to make Star Wars games


Star Wars fans were surprised on Wednesday (13) with the news that Ubisoft will develop the next game based on the universe of the saga. However, EA, until then the only producer responsible for the games in the series, claimed that it still has titles in development and will continue to work on them, only no longer exclusively.

This made the rumors about the development of the sequel to Star Wars Fallen Order even stronger. So far, there is no confirmation about the sequence, but there are several rumors that the title is already in development.

The new Star Wars game developed by Ubisoft will be in charge of Massive Entertainment, which made the game The Division 2. There is little news about it, but the company has already announced that it will be an open world game, as well as the last title developed by the studio.

EA and Ubisoft may not be the only companies to produce games in the saga. Lucasfilm Games division announced that it will collaborate with several companies for the development of games in the universe. Therefore, soon we may have more producers expanding the world so rich in Star Wars.

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