EA, Warner Bros. more than willing to:


Blake Jorgensen, CFO of EA, the giant name of the game world, pointed out in the financial meeting that the company can purchase the game part of WB. Blake said the company was ‘more willing than ever’ in this regard.

A few weeks ago, a claim was made that shook the game world. The game episode of Warner Bros., which is the roof of the developer of Batman Arkham, Rocksteady, Mortal Kombat, and NetherRealm, which is the developer of the Injustice series, was on sale. These allegations soon became true.

Even though Warner Bros.’s game division goes on sale, unfortunately he couldn’t find a buyer because of its value. Warner Bros., said to have a price of around $ 4 billion. the gaming division only had some conversations with Microsoft, according to what we’ve heard so far.

EA, Warner Bros. more than willing to:

Of course, Microsoft was not the only company that aspired to Warner Bros. There were allegations that Activision, EA and Take-Two Interactive also wanted to purchase the game section of Warner Bros. The statement made by one of these companies pointed out that this claim may be true.

EA, one of the biggest names in the game world, published its financial report the other day. CFO Blake Jorgensen, who made a review while publishing the company report, gave a hint that EA is seriously considering buying Warner Bros. The CFO did not mention Warner Bros.’s name in its statement.

Some of the people who listened to Jorgensen’s explanation asked a question whether the company would buy a ‘big asset’ (such as Warner Bros.’s gaming division). Answering this question, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said that EA is ‘more concerned than ever’ about getting the new asset.

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Of course, this statement by the EA CFO does not mean that the game part of Warner Bros. will definitely be purchased by EA. However, Warner Bros. is probably holding talks with other gaming companies besides EA. We can only see which company Warner Bros. will join.


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