EA to Test Crossplay on PC Battlefield 2042 With Next-Gen


EA: An update to the Battlefield 2042 Technical Testing page provides some very interesting information about DICE’s work to bring crossplay to the game. The feature has not yet been confirmed for the final release of the game, but will be available in this testing phase between past-gen consoles and between PC and next-gen.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčseparating the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S guys from the PS4 and Xbox One folks might offend some people, but it’s a completely technical decision. As announced, Battlefield 2042 will take advantage of the most advanced hardware of the new generation to offer games of up to 128 players in the same session. Meanwhile, the last generation will be limited to 64 players on smaller maps.

Crossplay will take place during the Technical Playtest, reserved for some guest players, as EA explains on the game’s official website: “We are still building crossplay functionality, and the first opportunity to test it with a larger group, by invitation only , will happen within the Technical Playtest”.

To deliver a complete cross-platform experience, DICE is also working on bringing progress and cross-purchases across all systems that Battlefield 2042 is available. This means that your soldiers’ advancements and all the items you buy will be tied to your account, which can be used on any console or PC to pick up where you left off.