EA Renews with FIFPro, The Association Of Footballers; The Use Of The FIFA Name Is Still Up In The Air


EA: The agreement is confirmed after doubts were made public about whether they should keep the FIFA name in the title of their football saga. Electronic Arts has announced that it is renewing its collaboration agreement with FIFPro to continue offering “the greatest football experience for players”. The agreement with the international association of professional footballers, which covers thousands of players, has also served to remind the statement that EA Sports games are the only ones in which the Champions League, the Libertadores, can be played. , the Premier, the Bundesliga or LaLiga Santander among others. Therefore, EA continues to strengthen its position at the licensing level to show that it may not need to keep the FIFA name in its saga.

“FIFPro will continue to be an important ally as we create future next-generation EA Sports soccer experiences for players around the world,” said David Jackson, VP EA Sports Brand, omitting, incidentally, the word FIFA, which has accompanied the saga since its inception. Jackson himself has stressed the importance and “immersion” of being able to “use the best leagues, teams and talents in the real world.”

On the other hand, the Statutory Director of FIFPro assures in the statement that he is “tremendously satisfied to be able to extend our relationship with EA Sports, a true ally committed to creating the best interactive experience for soccer fans around the world.”

FIFPro is not to the liking of all players: the Ibra case

The agreement with FIFPro has recalled an episode that took place less than a year ago, in December 2020, when Ibrahimovic criticized the use of his image in the game because they are rights “based on individual image rights” and not collective, according to his position. In a post on Twitter he asked who had bought the rights to have his face appear in the title: “Not at FIFPro, because they haven’t told us. Not at Milan, because they haven’t told us, and neither have I you have bought from me. From whom then? ” At the time, EA already defended itself saying that they had an agreement with FIFPro, which is the global representative of professional players and that it “partners with licensors to negotiate agreements that benefit players and unions.”


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