EA Releases Madden NFL 21 Trailer For Xbox Series X


Electronic Arts released the trailer for the Madden NFL 21, which will be the new game in the Madden series today. The graphics in the trailer released for Xbox Series X managed to impress the audience. The game is expected to be released in August.

Madden NFL 21, the new game of Electronic Arts’ legendary series Madden, is ready to be released for Xbox Series X and the graphics of the game looks amazing. Due to the game’s legendary name and powerful graphics, it is expected to be a launch game on the next generation consoles. Considering this situation, we can say that the game is expected to be playable in August. EA also released a trailer that will excite Madden fans today.

Looking at the trailer, it is clear that the game is very impressive, especially in terms of graphics. Although the trailer was specially prepared for the Xbox Series X, the players of other platforms watched this trailer with the same excitement. Although EA does not prefer to publish detailed information, more details are expected during the event to be held digitally in June.

Here is the Madden NFL 21 trailer:

It is known that the game formula remains largely the same in the FIFA and Madden series, which release new games every year. The tweaks are applied to make the game more realistic and improve the overall experience. This year, it is seen that fine adjustments are applied again. EA stated that during a press release, innovations have been made to take Madden NFL experience one step further.

Many users were satisfied with the university teams added to the game last year and they are expected to be in the game this year. However, by expanding 10 university teams in the previous game, more teams can be included in the game. As we mentioned above, the game is expected to go on sale in August, and the number of platforms that are expected to come is quite high. Games; It is expected to be playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.


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