EA Play Live 2021 Will Feature A Preview Of The Main Show


EA Play Live 2021 will have a preview of the main presentation on the same day of celebration: July 22. It will be presented by Austin Watson. EA Play Live 2021 confirms a pre-event for the main show. As of 19:00 CEST on July 22, this attached part of the Electronic Arts presentation will take place. The company confirms that this year’s host will be Austin Watson, who many will know by his WWE name: Xavier Woods.

EA Play Live 2021, what can we expect?

The conference of the American publisher will take place a month after the celebration of E3 2021, where they attended together with Battlefield 2042 in the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase space. However, it will be in their own light when they show a preview of their portfolio of projects for the remainder of the year and beyond.

Only one name has confirmed their appearance at the event: Battlefield 2042. DICE will take advantage of the stage to announce the third pillar on which the offer of their new job is based. This experience will be “a love letter for Battlefield fans and one in which veteran players will feel at home,” as explained in the presentation to which MeriStation attended before its unveiling to the public.

We know that this particular part of the game is being developed exclusively by DICE Los Angeles, and given the description it suggests something that is part of the core of previous installments. No further data has emerged so far.

Following Madden NFL 22’s official status, we can look forward to the wave of sports deliveries, spearheaded by FIFA 22. We also know that they have a new EA Sports PGA Tour underway, although the status of development has not been shared. This EA Play Live is even more special because it is the first one they do with Codemasters. Those responsible for licenses such as Formula 1 will debut alongside Electronic Arts.


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