EA Play already has a release date on Steam


EA Play, the old EA Access, already has a release date on Steam. Electronic Arts will take your subscription to Valve’s platform on August 31.

Electronic Arts marks the date on which EA Play will debut on Steam. Your subscription service will hit the Valve platform on August 31. Formerly known as EA Access, the membership will allow players to “receive immediate access to the collection of EA’s most acclaimed games.”

The profile opened by the company does not specify whether users can also adhere to the Pro version. This mode allows, among other benefits, to have all their releases in the highest version from day one. Currently it can only be found through Origin.

The basic modality is priced at € 3.99 per month and € 24.99 per year. Along with the game chest, you will have 10-hour tests of the latest releases around Electronic Arts, as well as a 10% discount on your digital purchases of titles under the EA label. Unlike Xbox Game Pass, the games that enter the collection will remain there forever. If you have an active subscription on another platform, you will not be able to enjoy its benefits on another; you will have to subscribe again.

Apex Legends, the next step

The move of your catalog to Steam is nearing completion. One of the titles that remain without an arrival date is Apex Legends, the success of Respawn Entertainment, which has just received its season 6. You can find out all the rewards of the battle pass at this link.

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