EA Motive does not work Star Wars: It was a human error


In a job offer later eliminated, the study assured that the candidate would develop a new title in the galactic saga.

The bliss was short-lived, at least for those who were waiting for a new Star Wars game developed by EA Motive Studios. The developer, who had confirmed that she was working on a new project in the saga, has denied the information. The truth is that the news came from official sources, since it was the study itself that published a job offer in which the alleged project was mentioned. They have now clarified that this is human error, so after Star Wars: Squadrons, there are no plans to return to the galaxy far, far away.

Motive Studios itself has echoed the original news, published by GameRadar, and has published a retweet clarifying the situation. “Due to human error (hey, it happens sometimes!) We’ve seen a lot of speculation. Although we are not working on a new Star Wars project, we are in the middle of developing something quite special. Follow us here or come back for more information about what we are doing ”, they comment in the tweet.

Linked to Star Wars from the start

This studio was founded a few years ago with Jade Raymond, an industry veteran and now at Google Stadia, at the helm. One of their first jobs was the Star Wars Battlefront II campaign, although they had the opportunity to explore the galaxy under their own title. We’re referring to Star Wars: Squadrons, a special battles title set right after the events of Return of the Jedi. Thus the things, the players will put to the controls of the most iconic ships of the saga, both those of the side of the New Republic (the old rebels) and those of the Galactic Empire.

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Star Wars: Squadrons went on sale on October 2 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. There are no plans to release new content in the form of expansions or DLCs.


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