EA Motive, creators of Star Wars Squadrons


Patrick Klaus, a member of the study, says in a post on the Electronic Arts blog that the objective of the study is to continue innovating in its future games.

Despite the recent release of Star Wars Squadrons and its good reception, EA Motive does not take a breath. Although they assured just a few days ago that they have not planned to launch more additional content for the game, that does not mean that they have stopped working, and it is that they are already involved in other projects – they do not specify how many – yet to be announced.

No rest in Motive

Thus, Patrick Klaus, a member of the studio, this week wrote a post on the official website of Electronic Arts, insisting on the mission of Motive, which is none other than “empowering players to create, experience, live and share their new and unique experiences “. Klaus says that in order to meet this goal it is essential to be innovative, “a goal that cannot be met without taking risks”, but that with courage, Motive is working on “several new games” that will usher in a new era for the studio .

“In addition to Star Wars: Squadrons, we are working on several projects to be announced,” says Klaus. “Innovation is tough, but it is also exciting and energizing. With our new mission, we are trying many things and trying new ideas that you can access, and interaction and experimentation are healthy, and a key to achieving something great. The team he’s very talented, and we’re all striving to make inspiring games that go beyond the boundaries of what players expect now and in the future. ”

Klaus also talks about the constant search for new talent in the studio – they are currently looking for staff – and how this diversity in all its creatives helps to create “beautiful and new gaming experiences for players to enjoy”, always within what he considers a “healthy culture”, alluding to recent cases we have seen of a toxic work environment and crunch. We remember that EA Motive was founded to be captained by Jade Raymond, ex Ubisoft, to work on several games inspired by Star Wars.


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