EA, “more interested than ever” in buying more studies


Blake Jorgensen acknowledges the company’s interest in acquiring more studies in order to have a greater global perspective in the long term.

Electronic Arts has communicated during the presentation of its financial results for this last quarter that it is “more interested than ever” in the acquisition of new studios that become part of the company’s seal. Blake Jorgensen, CFO of the North American giant, has not given specific names, but he has recognized this business will with a long-term perspective.

When asked about this possibility – especially now that it sounds, unofficially, that there is an open contest for the purchase of the Warner Bros. video games division with several suitors – Jorgensen has limited himself to using the purchase as an example by Respawn Entertainment for $ 164 million, a movement that has borne fruit not only in sales but also in prestige after closing in December 2017.

“We are always watching for it,” he adds. “We hope to find more” with the passage of time. “It may take a while, but we are confident that we are more interested than ever, because we identify that talent and cementing those new big franchises is critical to our long-term business.” It is a matter of time, however, that other names join the BioWare, Criterion Games or Motive.

Respawn Entertainment, a successful move for Electronic Arts

The case of Respawn Entertainment is about a studio that had only seven years of experience, in charge of developing Titanfall (2014) and Titanfall 2 (2016) under the umbrella of EA, but which was still independent. Since then, continued growth that has led them to develop Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order; both in 2019. In addition, they have another project underway.

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The EA Originals label, where works such as Sea of ​​Solitude (Jo-Mei Games), It Takes Two, Lost in Random or Rocket Arena are found, is one of Electronic Arts’ expansion paths in terms of publisher. It remains to be seen what path they take and if any of the developers behind those projects will be part or not entirely of the company in the future.


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