EA Hires Former Call Duty Manager To Lead Battlefield


EA: Electronic Arts this week announced the hiring of Byron Beede, an industry veteran developer who served as general manager of the Call of Duty franchise. In the new company, Byron will lead no less than the Battlefield series from now on, which has always been one of the main “rivals” of Activision’s flagship.

According to EA, this new partnership “marks a long-term commitment to the growth of the franchise.” Considering Byron’s experience and the huge success Call of Duty Warzone has enjoyed in recent months, you can understand why the company wanted him on their team.

In case you haven’t followed the news in recent weeks, it’s worth mentioning that there are several rumors pointing to the announcement of a new Battlefield, which could happen during this year’s E3 or at least sometime close to the event. Some images and teasers have already been leaked on the internet, but of course you can’t believe anything until EA itself officially shows the game.

We can only speculate on the direction the franchise will take, but we’re sure it will be something quite interesting to be able to compete with the current reign of Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. EA release the news!


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